The Transorga Group

The services of the Transorga Group range from the procurement of industrial products and construction site supplies, to holistic supply chain management (as an outsourcing service provider), up to spare parts and construction equipment fleet management for global projects. Together with our shipping partner Natco Angola & ILS, we complement our services with a comprehensive transport and logistics service.

Our range of services always focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. As a reliable and high-performance partner, we will advise you with innovative and sustainable solutions, and support you in their implementation. We look forward to helping you move forwards with our tailor-made services.


The highest priority of the Transorga Group is the benefits we bring our customers. Our lean and efficient structures allow us to build our organisation based entirely on the needs of the client. Where long-running, special and large projects in particular are concerned, customer benefits are the central success factor which we hope to be measured by.

High quality services, paired with fair, transparent handling, always enable us to offer the optimal combination which ensures response to the client's specific wishes, as well as consider innovative ideas for the benefit of the client, even in a continuously challenging economic environment.


We value a friendly relationship both within and outside the company. Our customers should feel that we have a genuine interest in their concerns and that people are at the centre of the business relationship. Responsible and motivated dealings with our business partners and clients forms the basis for long-term collaboration with them. We maintain a cooperative management style which requires responsibility and competence.

Despite difficult economic conditions worldwide, we consistently remain loyal to ethical principles. Mutual respect, a will to engage in constructive cooperation and a healthy ambition ensure our business and our success now, and will continue to do so in the future. We provide competent advice, communicate often and process orders according to the individual wishes of our customers. We place emphasis on personal service and long-term partnership.

Our services and business style are distinguished by quality and continuity. A kind of quality management which is tailored to modern requirements, paired with common sense, ensures the satisfaction of our clients now and in the future.

The Group